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Speech writing & public speaking

Speech writing & public speaking

3… 2… 1… ACTION 

It's almost your turn to enter the spotlight on stage, and you can't think what to say… your thoughts are all over the place and you're starting to panic. 
You've had weeks to prepare your speech, but there's still a blank page staring back at you.

Steps to a successful speech

While our editorial consulting service is customised to your needs and availability, the key stages typically include: 
  • Understanding your message and its importance in your project 
  • Analysing your audience and the chosen format
  • Tailoring your communication method and speech style, including pace, length, and tone.
  • Developing necessary visual content to enhance your message, be it presentations, videos, motion design, or other design work. 
  • Not everyone is at ease on stage or in front of a camera. Our media coaches will steer you through the entire preparation process, right up to the final delivery. 
La meilleure prod offers comprehensive speech writing services and public speaking advice, so that you can deliver your message with full confidence and conviction.
While preparing your speech is an excellent start, enlisting assistance from our editorial communications experts can elevate it further. Here at la meilleure prod, we know that great public speakers are made, not born – so get in touch and let's get you ready for the spotlight!